Dreametech T30 Cordless Stick Vacuum

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Dreametech T30 Cordless Stick Vacuum

The Dreametech T30 Cordless Stick Vacuum has multiple intelligent sensing technology. The dust sensing technology can display different levels of dust concentration, and Brush is outfitted with recognition technology to automatically adjust suction between carpets and hard floors, allowing it to use battery-powered vacuum cleaners more responsibly. 

The Detachable soft-packing lithium battery - 2,900mAh large capacity battery, runtime up to 90 minutes, enough power to clean longer. One of the best features of this vacuum is the smart screen. It makes cleaning more intelligent because it can clearly display cleaning information, historical records, fault guidance information, modes, and remaining run-time that are updated in real-time. It also uses different three colors to indicate different levels of dust concentration.

The self-illuminating LED flat nozzle, V-shaped roller brush + comb structure, and flexible elbow joint make it easier to clean the bottom of furniture and the top of cabinets by effectively preventing hairs from wrapping around the roller. We provide a one-year warranty for the DreameTech T30.

Dreametech T30 cordless vacuum cleaner can generate up to 190AW suction power, which satisfies most cleaning demands. It can quickly pick up dust, dirt, and pet hairs. It is truly the most convenient and user-friendly vacuum there is!


Product Name: Dreametech T30 Cordless Stick Vacuum

Rated Voltage: 29.6V

Rated Power: 550W

Battery Capacity: 8*2,900mAh

Net Weight: 3.88lb

Charging Time: Approx. 4 hours

Motor: Dreame SPACE 5.0 Motor

Runtime: 90min

Suction Pressure: 27kPa

Filter Type: Washable

Dust Cup Capacity: 0.16gal


Extension Hose

Flexible Adapter

2-in-1 Brush Nozzle 

Soft Dusting Brush

Mini Electric Brush

Carbon Fiber Rod


Smart Multi-Brush Bar

LED Crevice Nozzle

2-in-1 Charging & Storage Mount

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