FREMO X700 Power Station

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FREMO X700 Power Station

Blackouts may result from certain disasters, which can be unpredictable. Power then becomes crucial because we won't be able to predict how long power outages will last—they could last for a few days or even a few weeks. Everything could be chaotic—there might be no communication, no light, spoiled food, or no access to electric medical equipment.

Even when using alternative design features, most products seem to be stuck in the "square box" concept. These square boxes could appear to be heavy and large, but you could hardly move or carry them. On your desk, it might occupy a lot of room, or if it's the same size as the FREMO X700, the battery capacity is insufficient and the majority of the goods can't power appliances that are more powerful than 500W. Therefore, in terms of industrial design, product performance, and safety, we have produced a durable, dependable, and innovative product.

The battery's cover is built of a sturdy aluminum alloy shell, and its outer and inner sides are meant to protect the battery's core and plastic impact frame, respectively. The X700 is a premium product that promises to be shock-proof thanks to its triple protection. The Fremo X700 can resist a 0.8 meter vertical drop. It offers 3000 to 60% or up to 1500 life cycles to 80%.

For the X700, we created a small, detachable adsorption flashlight. Both magnetic body charging and USB-C charging are supported. It can be hung on any iron surface thanks to the magnetic design, which is very practical in an emergency.

We changed the market-available mobile energy storage's operational layout. The control panel was moved from the side to the top. To create a better user experience, we make the most of the space on the side of the body and include 10 output ports, a color screen fit for a smartwatch, and multimedia sound effects. We created an easy-to-use user interface using the 260,000-color wristwatch screen. It contains a ton of dynamic effects, which most portable power stations lack, to improve the user experience like never before. It is incredibly simple to use and technologically advanced thanks to the X-shaped colorful LEDs that encircle the screen and surround the four major buttons.


1x Fremo X700 Power Station

1x Car Charger Cable

1x AC Charge Cable

1x AC Adapter

1x User Manual




Net Weight:


Testing and certification:


AC Output(×2):

650W(Surge 1200W)total, 120VAC(60Hz)Full Sine Wave

USB-A Output(×4):

5V DC, two ports share 2.5A, 25W Max total

USB-C Output 1:

5V DC, 9V DC, 12V DC, 15V DC, 20V DC, 5A, 100W Max

USB-C Output 2:

5V DC 3A, 9V DC 2.22A, 20W Max

Car Power Output(×1):

120W, 12V DC, 10A Max

DC5521 Output(×1):

36W, 12V DC, 3A Max, share 120W with car charger output

Charger Input:


Car Charger:

12V DC, 10A Max

Cell Chemistry:

LFP(lithium iron phosphate battery)

Shelf Life:

1 Year (after fully charged)

Cycle Life:

1500 cycles to 80% capacity

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