Tecbot M1 Robot Vacuum & Mop

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Tecbot M1 Robot Vacuum & Mop

Not only is it known for the outstanding suction power but the Tecbot M1 Robot Vacuum & Mop is a powerful hands-free self-cleaning vacuum mopping robot.

No more getting your hands dirty from cleaning brushes or removing filthy mop pads.  This device eliminates that by using a high-pressure water system that internally washes the roller brush for you.
This exquisite high-end laser robot has 2 reservoir water tanks that disperses clean water and the other that separates wastewater. It uses a high-pressure water system that internally washes the roller brush as it spins. There’s no chance of secondary floor pollution coming in contact with any floor surfaces. Unalike your common robot vacuums, you can free your hands from constantly cleaning and changing mop pads and dirty brushes. The mopping roller brush will continuously stay clean and prevent itself from wetting carpets by automatically lifting away. Having one of the highest suction power ratings on the market today, this robot allows you to adjust the power level up to 4000 PA for an ultra-strong suction. It also allows you to control the dryness and wetness on floors when mopping. 

Finally comes a 4-in-1 robot that sweeps, mops, vacuums and self-rinses all at once.  Do yourself a favor and take back your leisure time and let the Tecbot M1 do the manual labor for you. 
It is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Tecbot M1 Robot Vacuum & Mop / Wellbots

Key Features

  • Self-Rinsing mop brush
  • Wear resistant off-road tires
  • Edge cleaning brushes
  • Excellent for pet hairs
  • Heavy mop mode
  • 30,000 rpm brushless motor
  • Auto power on

What's in the box

- 1 x Tecbot Robot Vacuum & Mop
- 1 x Manual User


-Dimensions: 13.80 x 13.80 x 4.60 Inches
-Weight: 9 lbs
- Charging time: 2.5 hours
- Bagless
- Battery type: Lithium ion
-Remote control
-Powerful suction
-V-shape main brush

-Low noise 40 Dbm
-Remote control
-Powerful suction
-V-shape main brush
- SKU: 83226861
- UPC: 

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